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Business Application Development Services


We design management applications covering the different functions of your company:


commercial service

human resources




Klassys realizes the on-demand applications development to automate your business processes, for:

Web : your applications are accessible on computers, tablets or mobiles with password authentication,

Smartphone : your apps are available for Android and Apple iOS.


Our strengths: technical expertise and proven project management.

Our experience of more than 15 years in the realization of IT projects and our competences, which include knowledge of the databases as well as the last Internet technologies, allowed us to acquire a global vision sharpened, as well as a capacity to anticipate and bypass obstacles. We know how to select the best practices for your company and your project.



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Type of Application

Klassys realizes management software for small and medium enterprises covering:

Sales point management


Quote management


Stock management

And more

Use case

Client : Mahana Concept (Bali)


Solution : points of sale for the stores connected to a web application to manage invoices, orders, stock, product, etc.


Points of sales (desktop application) allow invoices, proforma and orders editing, invoice reprinting (administrator role only) and proforma management.

Point of sales continue to operate even without internet connection. Data are stored locally and uploaded to the web application as soon as the internet connection is back

The connection to the web application is secured and depending on the role of the user, some functionality or data are accessible or not.


Main features:


Turnover tracking per store

Top of sale, global, by category or subcategory, for a given period.

Product list and their quantity ordered from a supplier for a given period.

Management and follow-up orders.

Transformation of proforma into order

Stock management with notification when the stock of a product falls below its stock threshold.


Bonus : development of a Android mobile app of sales tracking functionnality.


 La solution is scalable and the customer according to his needs can (and has already did it several times) add functionality or refine some already existing.